I got the idea of this post from an amazing post from Ashish, the Geek Wrestler, who a few days back wrestled the urge to empty his bladder. Sorry my Lord, couldn’t help it. 😀  So I am inspired(by his post, that is) and thus I am taking the liberty of using it. 😛
If you really want to have the laugh of your life, read this post by Ashish.
This is a harmless test of your wits/creativity/luck. Luck because the story will end on the 20th comment.
Those of you who can’t understand what in the name of Beelzebub I am talking about, here are the rules (Again copied from the Geek God‘s post with some minor changes) :
1. I start a story, you continue it in the comments.
2. Your comment is limited to TEN sentences. Please ensure that a comment does not exceed 10 sentences. [Arrgg!!! The IT language]
3. You can write any number of comments [within the limit of course] but you cannot follow your own comment with another one i.e. for example, Poonam can’t comment right after her own comment unless someone else posts a new comment just after her previous one.
4. The maximum number of comments is 20. I will post the 21th comment [an epilogue] so its the job of the 20th commentator to finish the story off.
5. Take the story wherever you want to [comedy, fantasy, even erotica!] just one thing, you are not allowed to finish it off unless you’re the 20th commentator.
6. It might be possible that when you are writing a comment someone else might be writing it too and both of you might fork the story. So it is advisable to write your comment in a notepad first and just before posting it, refresh the page once. Hence you would immediately come to know if someone else has just posted a comment.
7. Please don’t post any off-story comments till the 20th commentator finishes the story.
8. Have fun!

Here goes the story :
The ship had started its descent on Planet AZ1104. We were 1000 strong with the state of the art Nebula Blue Laser Guns at our disposal. I moved the pin at the side of the gun to FULL. The blue coloured charge started to fill the sleek unbreakable glass container at the tip of the gun, ready to vapourise any form of threat. Planet AZ1104 was covered with a purple fog, which was going to make things more difficult for us. The ship landed smoothly as the hearts of 1100 army personnel inside that spaceship beat in unison. We were finally there. The doors started to open. It took 10 seconds for each of the 15 huge doors to open but it felt like eternity. The purple fog rushed in as we rushed out. Charging.

That’s it. Get started people. Spin your minds. 🙂