My guest post on Bhavia’s Blog – The Utopian Indian Society

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Strange things were happening in India. It was smeared on television. There were heated debates. Astrologers were shrieking about doomsday. People were terrified and desperately trying to seek solace in their Gods, unaware of the fact that God himself was responsible for their unbelievable situation. He was laughing uproariously. How did I know? We had a code

Respect the Commode!

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To maintain decorum of this blog, the word ‘Politicians’ will be used in place of certain unwanted solids and liquids that leave a human body at regular intervals. I am not a cleanliness freak. It takes meticulous, vigilant planning spanning months for me to get up and wipe dust off my laptop screen which looks

Excerpts from Sambha’s diary – II

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Read Part One here - Excerpts from Sambha's diary - I in March you egoistic fool!!!! 10 March, 1976 Dear Diary, Gabbar can be really stupid at times. It was July when he decided to attack Ramgarh during Holi. Holi is celebrated in March! By the time the fool realized that he should

The frenchie and the frivolity

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2003 was the scariest year of my life. I left maa ka anchal (mom’s errr skirt) and went into the big bad world. No I was not going to school but was going to the hostel to do my second Masters. Yeah, I was that old and had never left home and was shitting my

Hell material

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So the thing is that I died and stood somewhere between the gates of heaven and hell, with Chitragupta looking at me and opening up his magical books in which he keeps tab of all your sins down to the last cockroach you flushed down the commode for fun. “Creature, you have to go to

Top ten obsessions of an average Indian male

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Indian men are notorious for their fondling fervour all over the world but I think it is unfair not to have a look at our other passions and obsessions and then make an informed decision. So, here is a countdown to the top 10 obsessions of an average Indian male. Cricket You thought that would

Life is like a Men’s Beauty Parlour

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Cucumber face Forrest Gump once said - "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” I beg to differ. There are no horrors in a box of chocolates. "Life is like a men’s beauty parlour. You never know what unimaginable activity is going to hurt your eyes.”

Coal and Chilies

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Religion comes naturally to my parents. For me it’s like an invisible sibling with whom I have a love-hate relationship. It’s amazing how the rituals and processes to appease Gods which you were very sure your parents were never aware of suddenly resurface during ceremonies. And then there is our family astrologer. I was so

They have changed something in the Matrix

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Remember the scene where Neo see the cat twice and blurts out – “Déjà vu”? Trinity then stares in his eyes and tells him that they have changed something in the matrix. And then a lot of people get killed by programs. I had a similar experience today. Well, if we leave aside