The day Gods were Arnab-ised

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Arnab looks at the camera and gives a triumphant smile. He feels like the king of the world.  Arnab: Ladies and gentlemen! This is a Times Wow exclusive. Nowhere in this world, and I repeat, NOWHERE IN THIS WORLD, have you seen a debate of such a scale. Today we will talk to Gods of

MasterChef hangovers

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Television is not for me. There is a reason why a) it is called an Idiot box and b) the people who sit in front of it are called couch potatoes. Considering the fact that the whole concept of cable television works in India because of over dramatized revenge soaps where mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fight

Those were the good old days

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...When I used to come home after playing in the park to watch Giant Robot while my mom made the newly introduced Maggi noodles for me.  ...When watching an English movie meant watching an English adult movie on Doordarshan on Friday night at 11 pm. ...When the concept of a daily soap was