Love smells burnt

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It was the silence that brought her back. Consciousness brought the smell with it and she retched. She twitched her hands and legs, stiffened by the duct-tape digging in her flesh. No one had bothered to unbind her. The door of her bedroom was still locked from outside. Her hair were all over her face,

A bag of dreams

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The moment the HR executive announced Aman's name, his eyes witnessed a temporary blackness. It happens with many of us in the moment of sheer ecstasy when we finally achieve what we have diligently strived for. He just stared at her blankly waiting for the veil of blackness to lift and waiting for her to

The Nebula Mindspin – Story and Epilogue

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The Nebula Mindspin turned out to be a complete mindspin largely because my mind started spinning when I read the 20 comments which created the story. There were numerous dreams within dreams. Gandalf finally did his strip dance and Someone had the audacity to kill poor Kareena. The devil slipped over the hero's pee which


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She was staring at the sun. The sun was taking its last breath before it would die in the ocean and give way to the cover of the night and then would be reborn again like the Phoenix the next morning, in another part of the world, in another ocean. The vicious loop