Sex Education in a Madhouse

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The year was 1997. It had been a year since my father had brutally picked me up from my pampered public school pillow and dropped me in the fires-from-hell of a government school. It was the top government school in the area but a cultural shock awaited me there. Draconian was an understatement. Boys were

Open letter to the Indian film industry

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Dear Indian Film Industry (IFI), I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. There was a time when I loved you like crazy. Now all I feel is apathy. There are times when you still overwhelm me, but such times are like those solar eclipses. Rare. IFI, Consider this scenario – The city is

Role Reversal

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In an alternate reality,where men are taught to be vulnerable from the time they are born, where they are considered the weaker sex – Rahul was sitting in a pub with his friend drinking beer. He was conscious of a gang of girls constantly eyeing him. His first thought was that he should not have worn that tight

Letter from the future in a dinosaur egg

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Last night, as I plunked myself on my bed after dinner and cut a swath trying to find the remote, I was surprised to find a dinosaur egg on my bed. Geet, who was gargling standing near the bathroom door, almost sprayed the fine blue Listerine all over me. The egg had a sparkling display

Life is like a Men’s Beauty Parlour

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Cucumber face Forrest Gump once said - "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” I beg to differ. There are no horrors in a box of chocolates. "Life is like a men’s beauty parlour. You never know what unimaginable activity is going to hurt your eyes.”

When I met God in a Bar

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I was drinking beer waiting for my friend in a bar when this gorgeous girl walked up to me. She: Hi! How are you? Me: Hi! I am good. How are you? She : Great. Can I sit here? What's your name? Me: Rohit. And yours? She: God. Me (coughing in my beer mug): Which

How not giving a bribe lead to a Honeymoon in Paris

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I was in Manchester when Geet and I decided to get married. It was an arranged marriage and our parents had given us a month to talk and decide. We liked each other from the first telephone conversation we had. It wasn't awkward. It was like talking to an old friend. Then a few webcams

They have changed something in the Matrix

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Remember the scene where Neo see the cat twice and blurts out – “Déjà vu”? Trinity then stares in his eyes and tells him that they have changed something in the matrix. And then a lot of people get killed by programs. I had a similar experience today. Well, if we leave aside

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu & Dinner table discussions

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Who could have thought that Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu will spark off dazzling dinner table debates at home? I saw the movie with mom, dad, sis and Geet (yeah! Polly has been rechristened Geet. It was long overdue). Although the movie was above average, it broke many boundaries around how girls are expected to