With great power comes great stupidity

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I have been able to sleep peacefully from the last two days with the air-conditioner throwing storms of cold unbearable wind on me. Last night my room was so cold that I thought it would snow. When such bliss was showered on me after painfully hot nights of power cuts and voltage fluctuations, I felt

Reincarnation of the warrior king as a bus driver

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Once upon a time, there was a king, who was fierce as a dragon, whose fighting skills were the talk of the realms beyond his kingdom, who was just and loved his people, who had the ability to create the most devious and cunning battle plans and who loved music and dance, for his court

How suicide became taxable

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This is my first attempt at creating cartoons. I have used http://www.toondoo.com/ for this, thanks to Debajyoti for the idea. :)

Of glowing underarms and aphrodisiacal deodorents

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In the last few months, most of us have been horrified and flummoxed by certain advertisements on television about how womankind should strive for fairer underarms and vagina to attract more men or to rejuvenate a sagging relationship. Some of these adverts found their way into various cartoon channels as well, although how they bamboozled

Open letter to all Phuddu married men

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Dear Phuddu Married Man, If you are wondering what Phuddu means, let me enlighten you. It means a coward, spineless douche bag. Sometimes I wonder what grave necessity threw you into the act of marriage. Was it your parents? Was it some sort of inferiority complex because people around you were getting married? Or was

I can see them

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I belong to the generation who, while growing up, treated the word internet as something divinely unattainable. It was like a spaceship from another planet which crash-landed on Earth - exclusive and quarantined. I remember, while doing my Masters, someone pointed a guy to me in college and whispered in my ears that he had an

When I met God in a Bar

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I was drinking beer waiting for my friend in a bar when this gorgeous girl walked up to me. She: Hi! How are you? Me: Hi! I am good. How are you? She : Great. Can I sit here? What's your name? Me: Rohit. And yours? She: God. Me (coughing in my beer mug): Which

How to shop with a lady and stay sane

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Some things are more complex than the relationship between powerful and power-hungry nations, more mind-boggling than unravelling the secrets of the Universe and more insane than the fabric of our societies. If you have ever gone shopping with a lady, you will understand my point - that nothing can be more intricate than accompanying a

Cliffs, Ships and Spotlights

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Going to Manchester was a high. I had always wanted to smell the soil of another country, take a lung-full of alien air. It was a whole new world. Different. Exciting. Scary. I learnt to say thank you, even to the bus drivers. I saw roads filled with flower petals in autumn. I saw endless