Results of the study of Rapes by KHAP – IIIIM

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KHAP – IIIIM (The KHAP Institute of Insufferable Inane Immutable Men) is a premiere institute functioning in India ever since Adam and Eve reproduced without marrying. The institute was established with the sole purpose to put a check on the luscious & lascivious activities of young men and women of Haryana so that they do

Excerpts from Sambha’s diary – I

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Sambha perched on his rock 12 June, 1975 Dear Diary, I have never liked Gabbar. He is filthy, does not brush his teeth and scares the bejesus out of me with his ridiculous laughter. There are times when I almost fall off the rock I sit on because he scares the shit out

Tattoo tales of a diagonally cursed mortal

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                                                                                                     I do not remember

Sex Education in a Madhouse

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The year was 1997. It had been a year since my father had brutally picked me up from my pampered public school pillow and dropped me in the fires-from-hell of a government school. It was the top government school in the area but a cultural shock awaited me there. Draconian was an understatement. Boys were

We like our virgins

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Bhool of a Virgin While flipping channels, I came across a hair dyed (probably Black Rose Kaali Mehndi), 61 years old Rajnikant romancing Aishwarya Rai. Now imagine Aishwarya at the age of 61, wearing a gorgeous black wig and kilos of makeup, romancing Hrithik Roshan’s son in a movie. Imagine the jolt it

Of Awards, giants, faces and clouds

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Rashid gave me the Inspiring blog award. To have the ability to inspire someone is a daunting prospect and I have no idea how to go about it but I (hurridly and gluttonously) accept the honour. A big thanks to Rashid for mentioning me and for the white pigeon (a word I could have never

The boy with orgasmic hair

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nce upon a time, there lived a boy in India, whose hair were like that of a bear. Amateur barbers feared his presence because they could not comprehend the dense forest that grew on his head. They feared that they would have to use a magnet to find a scissor dropped accidentally in that lushness. Seasoned barbers

The vestige of Independence

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Image from Google It is again that time of the year when my Facebook wall will be filled with done-to-death wallpaper wishes for Independence Day. There will be photos of our flag fluttering like Asha Parekh’s eyelashes with “Jai Hind” smeared all over it (over the flag not the eyelashes). There will be

IRCTC and other stoopid websites

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Opening the MTNL website is a very distressing experience. You might have a feeling that you are visiting a Japanese city hit by an earthquake followed by a tsunami. There are boxes lying here and there, just like those flattened houses you see from the helicopter as a minister fly over the destruction sipping Pina