MasterChef hangovers

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Television is not for me. There is a reason why a) it is called an Idiot box and b) the people who sit in front of it are called couch potatoes. Considering the fact that the whole concept of cable television works in India because of over dramatized revenge soaps where mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fight

Severn Suzuki and THE One tight slap

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It was the year 1992 and Severn Suzuki was a 12 year old kid. She raised money with the members of the Environmental Children's organization (ECO) and attended the United Nation's Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro. She gave a six minutes speech there which received a standing ovation from the delegates of the various

Dinner at Eight : The twin tag saga

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Meme - Table Talk Pr3rna tagged me for this meme and I can say this very confidently because I confirmed it with her. :D Here goes. What’s your favourite table? The table at my home would be my favourite. It sounds cliched but all the people who are staying away from home and who miss