If God had not given us the sense of touch

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We would have not known goosebumps by a child’s touch. We would have beaten up a child and he wouldn't have cried much. We would have kissed without our hearts managing a flutter. We would have sought new forms of tortures that served us better. We would have held hands and not felt sensations. We would have

The Liquefied Indian

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Sometimes when the doors of the Delhi Metro swoosh open and you get out, you get this beautiful sight of people standing on either side of the door, waiting patiently for you to get down. You feel like Moses, who has just parted the Red sea. Unfortunately, it’s not the long lost virtue of patience making


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                        p.s. This is (again) not an email forward. ;)

Tell me your dreams

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While reading Xylene's post on dreams, I started to ponder over the dreams which my brain cooks up while I am fast asleep. Earlier, I used to remember quite a lot of them but now a days, the memories just fade away too soon to grasp as soon as I wake up. Guess, I am