Say this hypo, mean that crisy

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1 ## He drives really well. He breaks every traffic rule, drives as if his car is a batpod, is traffic signal blind, experience orgasms by honking, derives sadistic pleasure by making people run in front of his car. 2 ## She is a homely girl She knows how to knead dough, doesn’t talk to

Tip to control your child in a cinema hall

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People who come to watch movies in cinema halls in India can be broadly divided into three categories: Those who come with friends and family (adults only) Those who come with screaming children Those who come with screaming children to watch ‘Adult only’ movies. No matter how incomprehensible the last category might look, it does

I can see them

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I belong to the generation who, while growing up, treated the word internet as something divinely unattainable. It was like a spaceship from another planet which crash-landed on Earth - exclusive and quarantined. I remember, while doing my Masters, someone pointed a guy to me in college and whispered in my ears that he had an