Kamina Mahina

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For those of you whose Hindi is as deplorable as Sonia Gandhi's, Kamina is Rascal and Mahina is Month, so the post title is - Rascal Month. Now to understand what I am about to narrate, you absolutely have to see this song. *Warning - Make sure there are no children around because they will

Excerpts from Sambha’s diary – II

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Read Part One here - Excerpts from Sambha's diary - I in March you egoistic fool!!!! 10 March, 1976 Dear Diary, Gabbar can be really stupid at times. It was July when he decided to attack Ramgarh during Holi. Holi is celebrated in March! By the time the fool realized that he should

Excerpts from Sambha’s diary – I

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Sambha perched on his rock 12 June, 1975 Dear Diary, I have never liked Gabbar. He is filthy, does not brush his teeth and scares the bejesus out of me with his ridiculous laughter. There are times when I almost fall off the rock I sit on because he scares the shit out


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There is this scene in The Matrix Revolutions where Neo and Trinity are flying towards the machine city and are attacked by squid-like machines. Neo tries to destroy them but their number is too huge. He asks Trinity to fly towards the sky.  As the ship tears through the permanent dense dark clouds, Trinity sees the

The third Raaz of making Garbage

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Let me categorically state that I had no intentions of writing about Raaz 3 but the movie was so downright stupid that how could I let go of a chance to butcher it with my bare hands? *This post is not full of spoilers but is one big spoiler* So, the movie begins with a

Open letter to the Indian film industry

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Dear Indian Film Industry (IFI), I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. There was a time when I loved you like crazy. Now all I feel is apathy. There are times when you still overwhelm me, but such times are like those solar eclipses. Rare. IFI, Consider this scenario – The city is

The Dark Knight Rises – Movie Review

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It is rare that there is a pin-drop silence in the theater while a movie is playing. Usually there are people who are talking, giggling, making fun of one thing or another, people getting restless and banging your seat from the back and mobile phones ringing and being answered. It is rare that a movie commands your

Tip to control your child in a cinema hall

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People who come to watch movies in cinema halls in India can be broadly divided into three categories: Those who come with friends and family (adults only) Those who come with screaming children Those who come with screaming children to watch ‘Adult only’ movies. No matter how incomprehensible the last category might look, it does

Letter from the future in a dinosaur egg

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Last night, as I plunked myself on my bed after dinner and cut a swath trying to find the remote, I was surprised to find a dinosaur egg on my bed. Geet, who was gargling standing near the bathroom door, almost sprayed the fine blue Listerine all over me. The egg had a sparkling display