Open letter to the Indian film industry

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Dear Indian Film Industry (IFI), I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. There was a time when I loved you like crazy. Now all I feel is apathy. There are times when you still overwhelm me, but such times are like those solar eclipses. Rare. IFI, Consider this scenario – The city is

Tip to control your child in a cinema hall

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People who come to watch movies in cinema halls in India can be broadly divided into three categories: Those who come with friends and family (adults only) Those who come with screaming children Those who come with screaming children to watch ‘Adult only’ movies. No matter how incomprehensible the last category might look, it does

The delusional Indian

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Read the first two post in the series here - The Horny Indian The Sentimental Indian Delusions are like silicon implanted breasts. The problem with artificially enlarging your non-existing asset is that even though the perfectness will make you feel good about yourself, everyone you meet will have one look at your breasts and would

Letter from the future in a dinosaur egg

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Last night, as I plunked myself on my bed after dinner and cut a swath trying to find the remote, I was surprised to find a dinosaur egg on my bed. Geet, who was gargling standing near the bathroom door, almost sprayed the fine blue Listerine all over me. The egg had a sparkling display

Dirty picture is dirty after all

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That is all you will get to see after 57 cuts. The opening scene of The Dirty Picture shows a rustic Silk Smitha moaning in her room trying to distract a couple who is having sex in the next room. As I settled comfortably on my seat in the cinema hall enjoying the

Can you be fair Filmfare?

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Katrina - I don't care which award function this is. I just have to move my hips. In the last decade, the number of award functions for honoring shoddy Bollywood movies and catering to star fantasies of holding any inane trophy has reached an alarming crescendo. You flip one channel and there is

Vicky Donor – Movie Review

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A few days back I posted this on my Facebook wall - "How is one supposed to leave his brain behind while watching a movie? This is one art I have tried to master numerous times and failed miserably." Everyone thought I might have seen Housefull 2. Well, I am glad that I went to

A Mess called Agent Vinod

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The first thing that will come to your mind after this movie ends is  - Thank God it's over! It's completely bland. There is a stupid storyline which I vaguely remember as it is completely forgettable. The chemistry between the lead pair is conspicuous by it's absence. The songs are stupid. There is even a

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu & Dinner table discussions

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Who could have thought that Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu will spark off dazzling dinner table debates at home? I saw the movie with mom, dad, sis and Geet (yeah! Polly has been rechristened Geet. It was long overdue). Although the movie was above average, it broke many boundaries around how girls are expected to