Future of Facebook in India

Facebook, Google and Twitter must be laughing their asses off. Seriously what was Kapil Sibal thinking? The only good that I could imaging coming out of all this human pre-screening censorship stupidity will be that the government will employ around 5,00,000 people to manually read everything and snip snip stuff which they (read Congress) don’t like. Of course, they will not make public what they have snipped off, which means that they could practically remove anything which they don’t like. Reminds me very strongly of George Orwell’s 1984. And China which employs around 30,000 people for hiding things from public but they must be terribly under-worked asΒ half of the websites are banned in China.

Secondly, this happens to be a democracy. Everyone ridicules everyone. That is the whole fuc*ing purpose. Celebrities and politicians are always at the receiving end. No one is liked by everyone. If our politicians come out of the hole they live in and look around for a while, they will realize that their counterparts in other countries have gone through much more. Hell, we recently saw Obama kissing another guy on a poster and it is still all over the internet. Do we see him frothing? SRK has been called gay millions of times. Do we see him running in the street beating up people? It comes with the package of being in the limelight. So, our politicians needs to ignore it instead of bawling like a kid.

Focus on your work guys. There are so many problems in our country, there are so many people suffering like insects that it is blasphemy to even think about such minor issues as someone calling you names. It just shows our politicians in a much dimmer light and shows how insensitive they are to the real challenges facing our country. And, no, morphing “Madame” does not amount to hurting someone’s religious sentiments. Sometimes, I feel that religion in our country is like a dash of Garam Masala. We have to sprinkle it over everything.

Thirdly, I could not understand Congress’s affinity with controversy. Ever since the scams took away the last shred of credibility from the ruling party, they have hardly done anything to save their faces from the shit flying all around them. The way they handled Lokpal and Anna Hazare can fill a tome describing what not to do to piss off the public when you are in power. FDI was another gem in their crown of thorns and now this unbelievable censorship controversy. They could have turned the table in their favour considering the short public memory in India and they had plenty of time but they stumbled at every step.

I really wish Kapil had shown equal enthusiasm towards getting Lokpal through (Although chances are bleak that it will work). That might have saved Congress from another egg landing on their face.