Hi Everyone, 

All of us have many questions while we are reading a book. Of course we usually do not have the author at our disposal to ask those questions. So, I am providing you the opportunity to do so completely muft! muft! muft!

Many of you might have read False Ceilings by now or must be reading it. Here is your chance to ask me any question related to the book. You can ask about a character you loved or hated, you can ask about incidents that touched you or not, ask about the research that went into the book, ask about how my family coped with my tantrums while I was neck-deep into writing this novel or simply ask anything wacky, peculiar or nonsensical. I will answer all your questions here but the best questions will not be answered on my blog but rather on a very special blog. So, watch this space. 

So, go ahead and type your questions in the comments section below. And yes, you can ask a question even if you haven’t read the book. I promise I won’t haunt you with the Amazon link.