Generally I don’t ask myself such questions because life is already too complicated, but sometimes such extraordinary and unbelievable incidences happen that one is bound to think that – Something is terribly out of place and abnormal. By the time this post will end, some of you might find it really absurd but I have been living with this fact from the past 10 years and I have to get it out of my system.

Don’t worry guys, its not so dramatic but sometime I just can’t believe that something of this sort is actually happening. Those of you who don’t know what SIMS is – Its a game which was first released in 2000 and has sold 6.3 million copies worldwide making it the Best selling PC games in history. The reason why I have mentioned SIMS is that the game provides the gamer an opportunity to control the life of virtual people called “SIMS”. The gamer control their daily activities like sleeping, reading, eating to the important activities like paying bills, choosing a career and conceiving a child. Bottom line – The player is allowed to be GOD. The game always made me think – Are we also a part of such a game right now? Is someone deciding right now about the clothes I will wear tomorrow? Is SIMS a sort of mockery on us, A way to show us that we are such fools who can’t understand something which is so obviously in front of us?

 When I watched Matrix, I had the same feeling. It was as if someone was making fun of us. Someone was trying to tell us that that’s the way things are and even if we tell you blatantly, you won’t be able to realise that. I must be going mad. Well, that is what I used to think.

Although SIMS and Matrix came much later, it was in 1998 when something strange started happening in my life. Once travelling in a bus, I saw a man wearing a blue T shirt. The colour was somewhere near to the colour of “Mashed Musings” written in the Header. It was striped with alternate White and Blue stripes. There was nothing special in that shirt except that I saw 15 men that day wearing the same T shirt at different points of time. Sometimes a beggar was wearing it, sometimes a passerby and sometimes a guy driving a bike. The next day, my Grandfather died. I was not able to relate the two incidences but soon this became a regular phenomenon. Whenever something bad was supposed to happen to me or to the people around me, the same shirt was always hovering in front of my eyes. It was as if someone was always trying to warn me. “Something bad is going to happen. Take care” – That was the message. The number of times I saw the shirt defined the intensity of the mishap. One occurrence meant something very trivial, which I could handle. Five occurrences meant something which would be painful and could make me really sad like a fight and a break-off with a friend(which actually happened). Once I saw the shirt 7 times in a day and my sister’s salary was stolen from her purse the next day in a bus.

At first I thought that its good that I know beforehand that something bad is about to happen and I would always be prepared but as time passed, I started getting irritated. The whole idea of living in a sort of fear that I might see the shirt again started getting on my nerves. I wanted things to be normal and I was desperate. It was not as if I was able to prevent anything. I was just getting a warning. I experimented and realised that if I tell anyone about it, the occurances dropped away. I told a few of my friends about it and the shirt left me alone for a few days, before reappearing again after some months. It has been 10 years and I still see it at times. I have seen it twice today.

I know, no sane person is going to believe what I am writing. Yes its a sort of Omen, but can anyone explain this? I have tried to find this shirt in stores, but have never been successful in finding this pattern. I know this is not something normal and that is why this whole idea of – “Are we in SIMS” came to my mind. Is someone actually playing with us and having loads of fun? I took it as a joke earlier but now its such a normal phenomenon in my life that I feel anxious when I don’t see it for a few days and I am relieved at the same time that life is smooth. Atleast for the time being…

p.s. I was able to click this shirt once when I was roaming on a beach in Chennai. Here is the Pic.