The Devil is in the Details

Many a times when we read a book, we often wonder at the lack of detailing about the era in which the characters lived. We wonder why the characters were not more fleshed out in terms of being synced with the times they drew breath in. For example, consider an old man lying on a hospital bed in Delhi, watching news on television in March, 1993. Wouldn’t it be odd if the writer completely circumvents the bomb blasts that [...]

The art of keeping your wife happy

'You have changed' is the 'Houston, we have a problem' of married couples. The spaceship of marriage strays away from a predefined trajectory and men who think they are sitting in the control room, get a nasty shock of an SOS. At first, the sentence is spoken in a 'gentle, friendly warning' but as time passes and if no amendments are made, it comes with a wailing siren. So, what is the secret ingredient to keep your spaceship on [...]

The Invisible City of Delhi

I read Calvino's Invisible Cities last year. In the book, Marco Polo describes 55 cities to the emperor Kublai Khan using objects from the cities as the Emperor and Marco Polo speak different languages. Their understanding and the interpretation of the cities are different and still they perfectly understand each other. It is a fascinating, imaginative and an engrossing book even though the narrative consists of two men talking about various places. Cities have always fascinated me. Take Delhi for [...]

Legacy for our children

When your mind is not in a turmoil, close your eyes and think about your childhood. Dive as deep as you can and remember the moments of a different era, a warmth of a different kind. Remember the time when the complications and realities of the world meant nothing. It is such a strange feeling to remember your childhood. It is as if you are watching a movie of someone else's life. Did that really happen, you keep asking yourself? [...]

Reviews of False Ceilings and the Grilling

It has been little over a month since my novel was launched. The reviews started trickling in around two weeks back and have been mostly positive. The reviewers have been generous in praising the story, the characters, prose and the descriptions. Writing a family saga had its own challenges but I enjoyed each and every moment of researching and then writing the book. I will leave you with a few links of the reviews. Do read them to know [...]

Ask me a question

Hi Everyone,  All of us have many questions while we are reading a book. Of course we usually do not have the author at our disposal to ask those questions. So, I am providing you the opportunity to do so completely muft! muft! muft! Many of you might have read False Ceilings by now or must be reading it. Here is your chance to ask me any question related to the book. You can ask about a character you loved or [...]

Another Child? You must be off your rocker

Anika will the three this year. My wife and I are about to enter a dangerous phase of our life where we will be assaulted by our relatives, their maids and drivers and their relatives to have another child. They will fall at our feet and beg to have some mercy on our only child. How will she survive? How will she face this hostile world without a sibling to come back to and punch in the nose to [...]